School Foodie (Farm to School Month) Spotlight: Aubree Roth

Those of you who have been following my blog or know me from “real life” know that I just love local beef in schools.  In order to do a little deeper dive in the topic, Aubree Roth with Montana State University, Montana Farm to School and Montana Team Nutrition was kind enough to spend some time sharing some of her knowledge on how to get local beef in schools.

As you can tell by all her associations, Aubree is one busy lady who wears a ton of different hats.  She’s a Montana native and local food enthusiast who is a huge supporter schools meals, especially those that include anything local like some Montana beef or lentils!  She has a lot of experience training on all sorts of school nutrition topics and travels all across her state spreading information and being a cheerleader for school meal programs.

In the video below, Aubree shares what Beef in Schools in, how it can work a variety of ways in addition to what the main benefits are of getting local beef on the school lunch tray.  She also describes a great school meal she has had recently that included two local Montana foods.  Click on the video below to see the full interview.

SPOILER ALERT: There is talk of meals involving chili and cinnamon rolls.  The controversy of this meal combination just won’t be put to rest!

Here are some links to the resources shared during the interview:

Learn More
Contact Us at
@Montana Farm to School
Twitter: @MTBeeftoSchool
Download the case study report

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An experienced leader is federal Child Nutrition program management, Catrina has led statewide efforts for improving school meals, implementing training programs and building collaborative relationships with stakeholders. A passionate foodie at heart, she believes in better food, health and strong community for all.

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