Happy National Farm to School Month!

As most of you probably already know, October is National Farm to School Month which means there are so many amazing things going on!  If you want a little background on what Farm to School is, check out these two blog posts which cover the basics and some great links to resources.

There are so many amazing videos out there highlighting the great work going on out there is was hard to pick just one!  I’ve already waxed poetically about how much I love the Montana Beef in Schools video so I won’t bore you anymore, but check out this beautiful video out of Corvalis Oregon:

There is some really amazing farm to school action going on in the south and Georgia is probably leading the pack with their Georgia Grown program.  Check out this amazing video featuring their Farm to School month tag line #kickinitwithkale

More highlights to come but I wanted to share these two great videos to kick off this great month!

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An experienced leader is federal Child Nutrition program management, Catrina has led statewide efforts for improving school meals, implementing training programs and building collaborative relationships with stakeholders. A passionate foodie at heart, she believes in better food, health and strong community for all.

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