School Foodie Spotlight: Cindy Rainsdon RD, SNS

Cindy has had a broad range of experiences working in school food service.  After completing her internship to be a Registered Dietitian, Cindy started working at the State Agency in Nevada and lead the development of the statewide School Wellness Policy, wrote grant proposals and developed training materials.  She then went on to take a position as a school food service director in a rural (but geographically huge!) school district and had a ton of success–she implemented new menu items, increased utilization of USDA Foods and turned the district from running in the red every year to having a healthy ending fund balance.  She is now a General Manager for a large urban school district and in the video below she shares tips for starting out as a new food service director and describes a her favorite school meal.  Spoiler alert–she’s a fellow nacho cheese lover!  Click on the video below to check out the details:


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An experienced leader is federal Child Nutrition program management, Catrina has led statewide efforts for improving school meals, implementing training programs and building collaborative relationships with stakeholders. A passionate foodie at heart, she believes in better food, health and strong community for all.

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