Hump Day Blooper Reel!

To celebrate hump day, I present to you a good ‘ole blooper reel!  I’m not a natural in front of the camera and for every good minute of usable video I have about an hour of outtakes, me quietly cursing under my breath and of course my dog running through the background.    Check out my blooper reel below:

School Foodie Spotlight: Cindy Rainsdon RD, SNS

Cindy has had a broad range of experiences working in school food service.  After completing her internship to be a Registered Dietitian, Cindy started working at the State Agency in Nevada and lead the development of the statewide School Wellness Policy, wrote grant proposals and developed training materials.  She then went on to take a position as a school food service director in a rural (but geographically huge!) school district and had a ton of success–she implemented new menu items, increased utilization of USDA Foods and turned the district from running in the red every year to having a healthy ending fund balance.  She is now a General Manager for a large urban school district and in the video below she shares tips for starting out as a new food service director and describes a her favorite school meal.  Spoiler alert–she’s a fellow nacho cheese lover!  Click on the video below to check out the details:


School Foodie Spotlight: Tracey Marcum

Tracey Marcum is currently the Director of Operations for Southwest Foodservice Excellence in Northeast Texas but she has served in a variety of roles over her school food service career. She has worked in self operated districts and for food service management companies across several states. Tracey is a natural leader and innovative thinker whose passion for school food service is infectious. She has a wealth of school food service knowledge across all topics from menu planning to strategies for increasing participation but is a true master at the art of USDA foods recipe development, pricing and budget maximization. Click on the video below to learn more about her top tips for leading a school food service department, what trends she sees as leading school food into the future and the best school meals she’s recently enjoyed.


School Foodie Spotlight: Brittany Mally, RD

Brittany Mally is a rising star in school nutrition in Nevada.  After completing her Dietetic Internship at the University of Nevada, Reno and working at Cooperative Extension doing nutrition education, Brittany joined the Nevada Department of Agriculture conducting Administrative Reviews, writing federal grants and implementing training programs.  In late summer of 2017, she was hired on as the School Nutrition Director at Douglas County School District in Nevada and just finished her first year as a Director.

In the video interview below, she shares some tips for new school nutrition directors and how to dip your toe in the social media pool.  She may also share a bit about her favorite school meal growing up versus her favorite meal currently…..

Click on the video below to view the full interview:

School Foodie Spotlight: Dayle Hayes, MS, RD

Dayle Hayes is a pivotal figure in school nutrition and has been a social media trailblazer.  Through her hit social media presence “School Meals that Rock”, Dayle Hayes has shown the country that school meals DO in fact rock.  In addition to being a much sought after national speaker, Dayle has been to every state in the country enjoying school meals and taking pictures of those meals to share on her social media pages.  She is a tireless advocate for child nutrition and has had a huge impact on public perception of school meals.

In the video interview below, she shares with us a great school meal she recently enjoyed in Bartow County, Georgia as well as some trends that she predicts will be the next big thing in school nutrition and some great insights on what Farm to School has done for school meals, farmers and communities.  Check out the full interview by clicking on the school lunch tray below:

Broccoli Salad Recipe:


Broccoli Salad Recipe 100 servingsBartow Broccoli Salad

Want to learn more about all the awesome meals served in Bartow County Georgia?  Click here to check out their awesome Facebook page!

SNA ANC FOMO (but only a little because I know what Vegas is like in July)

I’ve attend the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference (ANC) several times and always enjoyed the opportunity to learn and network with fellow School Nutrition peers.  This year I won’t be attending and I have a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) that is quite manageable when I think about how hot it will be.  I’ve spent many a 110 degree summer day in Las Vegas and while my school nutrition and school garden peeps in that hot part of the desert of some of my favorites, it’s just too hot for me.

Meet your new #ANC best friend, ice water. Photo Credit

For those of you who work in kitchens, you know when you swing open the door of a hot convection oven and the heat blasts you in the face and curls your eyelashes back?  That’s how it feels when you step off the plane in Las Vegas in summer.

But, ANC does present an amazing opportunity for learning and networking.  I’m so excited for all my fellow Nevadans that will be attending, this year will be the greatest number of Nevadans that have attended ANC in a long time!

If you are attending here are some of the presenters I’d be sure to not miss:

Image may contain: Stefanie Dove, stripes and closeupStefanie Dove, RD, SNS

Twitter: @StefanieDoveRDN


Stefanie is the content creator and social media mastermind behind Loudoun Public Schools and has done an amazing job showing the world how great school food can be through social media.  She’ll be presenting on how to market your program and how to use social media during three sessions, details here.   Stefanie is also the proud dog mom of a sweetie pie pitbull so of course she gets first billing!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupChef Brenda, RDN


Chef Brenda is a Registered Dietitian and has played many roles in school meals programs, from conducting administrative reviews to creating awesome recipes for school nutrition cookbooks like Idaho Department of Education’s amazing series found here.  She’ll be doing a pre-conference session and a cooking demo that takes place on Monday, July 9 at 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM in the Oceanside B, Level 2.

Chef Cyndie



Chef Cyndie is sort of like the school nutrition chef’s version of Martha Stewart.  She’s been around from the start, she’s super chill and she knows all the tricks.  She pretty much invented school chefs, her and her team conduct amazing culinary skills workshops and she is pretty darn funny.  I don’t have details on any sessions or demos she is participating in but I’m sure you can find her or her team members doing culinary demos at a variety of time slots.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupDonna Martin RDN



If Chef Cyndie is Martha Stewart, Donna is Michelle Obama.  She’s the past president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, long time school food service director of a high needs school district in Georgia and has really helped push school meals into a positive light.  I’ve never met her in person but admire her from afar. I don’t have details on any sessions she may be leading but her facebook suggests she will be there live and in person!

There will also be lots of great folks from the regulatory world like ICN and USDA, don’t forget to check out their booths and educational sessions.  The list of vendors I will miss catching up with is to long to start here but I would not miss what’s going at the Eggs in Schools or the Mushrooms in School booth.  I also hear Colyar has a big new fancy thing they’ll be rolling out, so go and introduce yourself to Matt Essner at the Colyar booth who is pretty much the nicest guy in school foodservice and he will tell you all about it!

On the social media front, the official hashtag looks to be #ANC18 so don’t forget to post some great pictures and use the hashtag so everyone else can join in!

Are you wondering why Dayle Hayes isn’t included and where she fits between Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama?  First, sadly she won’t be at ANC so you’ll have to catch her on her social media here and here.  Second, I’d put her somewhere between Annie Oakley and Amelia Earhart……